Why Batterino

We design, test, and assemble lithium battery packs where 80% of the batteries is sourced from second end laptops in recycling facilities. 20% our our batteries are usually new from well know brands like Parasonic, LG and Samsung.


For a long time, Tesla has been 18650 cylindrical Li-ion battery cells in its vehicles. It’s the same format of cells found in laptops and some other electronic devices. Tesla was the first to pioneer the use of 18650 cylindrical Li-ion battery cells in electric vehicles.


Recycling allows us to keep the costs down as well as save the planet reducing the quantity of lithium-ion batteries going into the landfills. Landfill is clearly not an option for this amount of waste which can only grow.


Road transportation is heading towards electrification using Li-ion batteries to power electric vehicles offering eight or ten years’ warrant. After that, batteries are considered inappropriate for traction services, despite holding 80% of its original capacity. The battery reuse is a clear path towards sustainability with potential economic benefits.

Some Examples
6 volt battery

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Custom made 12 volt lithium battery

We offer a range of batteries that have a nominal 12V rating from 4Ah to 30Ah, our batteries are assembled using 18650 batteries which are

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Custom made 24 volt lithium battery

24V custom-made battery - 5Ah This is an example of a 24V custom-made battery, 5Ah - is needed to feed a scooter. The main challenge was

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