Batterino returns policy has been set up to keep costs down and to make the process as easy for you as possible. You must contact us within 7 days from purchase.

Any product found on receipt to be damaged must be reported to us immediately.

We will exchange any faulty battery, no problem. We will send a replacement within 24 working hours, you keep the packaging the new battery arrives inside and simply package up the faulty goods. You will then have 3 -5 working to contact us to arrange collection absolutely free of charge.

Our team will diagnose the battery over the phone or via email. Remember, under our warranty terms, we cannot exchange a flat battery (discharged battery) i.e If something electrical has drained your battery, examples –¬†alternator issue, lights have been left on or the vehicle has been stood for x amount of time with no use. Our battery experts will explain to you about recharging and will ask for a simple voltage or cca test result before replacing a defective battery. It should be noted that even though you may suspect a faulty battery, you should charge (or attempt to charge) the battery prior to taking it for testing.

If you have ordered a battery but change your mind or find that something else is at fault then please contact us immediately. At this point and provided that the item has not already been delivered, we will try to cancel the delivery with the courier so that we can offer you a refund.

If you have already received the item then the cost for item collection is £20.



It is free in the UK and get in touch to get a quote for shipping in EU and US.

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