60v 1800W eBike Lithium 28Ah Battery 16s9p

This battery has 180 x 18650 cells. It includes:

1 – 3d design batteries enclosure
2 – 3d print of the actual enclosure
3 – Battery assembly and testing
4 – Battery connectors to fit any device


Batteries are assembled in the UK to meet your specifications of size and capacity. About 50% of our batteries are rescued laptop batteries in excellent conditions and saved from landfill. We don’t stock them, we build them after your order is processed.

We tend to use primarily Japanese brands like Sony and Panasonic as we have seen they are pretty reliable and hold a charge.

Every battery is fitted with a BMS or Battery Management System to protect the battery from operating outside its safe operating area, monitoring its state.


Lithium battery specification

  • Cell Specification : 18650 Samsung Powerful Cell
  • Lifecycle: more than 1000 cycles
  • Battery Weight: About 5kgs


  •    Way of charge: CC/CV
  •    Standard charge Current: 5A
  •    Maximum continuous charge current: 8A per cell
  •    Charge Cut-off Voltage: 54V
  •    Cell Overcharge protection Voltage: 4.2V
  •    Charge Temperature Range : 0 – 45°C


  •    Max Continuous Discharge Current:  60A
  •    Peak Discharge Current : 60A
  •    Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 39+/-1 V
  •    Cell Overdisharge protection Voltage: 2.75V
  •    Discharge Temperature Range: -20 – 60°C
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