Eco Collection 5 x 24 volt 15AMP batteries made with 2nd life 18850


5 x Eco Batteries Offer

Most cells are the light blue or dark blue LG cells, some will be green Samsung, and a few may be red Sanyo but the good red Sanyo cells. They have at least 1500 cycles left and 50% are new and 50% come laptop batteries.

Rated voltage: 24V
Voltage output: 16.5-25.2 V
Battery capacity: 15Ah
Dimensions: 110 * 98 * 68mm
Total weight: less than 2kg
Internal protection circuit: overload, over discharge, over current, short protection


£700.00 £500.00

Electric Vehicles ,Aircraft Model, Electric Tools, DIY Batteries, Golf Carts , Coach Tour, Electric Motorcycles, Electric Bikes, Power Wheelchairs And Others.


We use BMS built with high end electronic components (High End Integrated IC chip and MOSFET ), this BMS has a stable working performance in extremely condition.

UK Standards

Batteries are assembled in the UK to meet your specifications of size and capacity. About 50% of our batteries are rescued laptop batteries in excellent conditions and saved from landfill. 

We tend to use primarily Japanese brands like Sony and Panasonic as we have seen they are pretty reliable and hold a charge.

Every battery is fitted with a BMS or Battery Management System to protect the battery from operating outside its safe operating area, monitoring its state.

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