3d Printing

The Stereolithography Printer (SLA) is used to create models, prototypes, samples and finished parts in layers using a photochemical process. Batterio’s 3D printing and prototyping services provide a single point of contact to support your prototype and manufacturing needs at the highest level.

Stereolithography (SLA) is an additive manufacturing process that belongs to the family of Vat photopolymerization.

Objects are created by selective curing of polymer resins layer by layer with ultraviolet (UV) laser beams, layer by layer. The materials used in SLA are embedded with photosensitive thermoset polymers in liquid form.
The technology was patented by its inventor in 1986 and is the first 3D printing technology embedded in SLA.

SLA is a great tool for the production of high-quality objects on-demand, but also for a variety of applications.

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