Should I get a soldering gun or soldering iron?

November 17, 2020 frankbatterino 0 Comments

Should I get a soldering gun or a sales iron? Both tools are used for sales, but each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Soldering Guns

A soldering gun usually has more power than a soldering iron, but it also offers more flexibility when working with them. 

A soldering gun is more energy-efficient and suitable for metalwork that requires light contact. A soldering gun has a tip shaped like a copper wire loop which is much more difficult than an iron. The tip is warm enough to solder within seconds of inserting the soldering gun, and it heats up quickly, cools down quickly, and heats up again. Because the guns have a downward transformer that converts the power from the main voltage to a lower or higher one, they can heat up faster than iron guns.

One disadvantage of using a soldering gun is that the copper wire loop that forms the tip of the gun disintegrates and needs to be replaced frequently, which increases the time it takes to solder a project. Another limitation of soldering guns is that they are much more difficult than an iron, which can limit your ability to solder cleanly. Soldering guns also provide better visibility because when you press the trigger, a small light illuminates the area where you are working.

Soldering Irons

Soldering irons offer flexibility, as there is a wide range of sizes and a variety of tips allow you to work more efficiently with the iron. Most soldering irons have many different tips, which allow them to be used for countless types of projects.

They have less power than soldering guns, making them more energy-efficient – saving energy but less effective for heavier work.They also need to be switched on and off repeatedly so they stay hot for longer, which helps to make your workflow smoother.



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