Building a 48v 30A battery pack for an e-bike

November 13, 2020 frankbatterino 0 Comments

This is a high-performance pack that was built using brand new Molicel cells. The customer sent desired dimensions and I tried to fit our pack within his DIY frame. I custom 3D printed connectors to fit any space for any packs. Sometimes I get 3d drawings to make sure my batteries can fit the desired space.

Some working in progress pictures:


Finished 48v 52v 13s10c battery pack

18650 batteries are 6.5cm tall and 1.8 cm wide. I can try to build the battery pack using your chosen dimensions when possible.


Despite the high capacity the weight was 4.75Kg

Smart BMS (Battery Management System)

I always add a BMS or Battery Management System to control and balance load making sure the batteries are charged and discharged consistently. 

I use Smart BMS that can be controlled using a phone App (which works better on Apple phones) where is possible to check cells groups, capacity, voltage, speed, various protection functions of charging and discharging, intelligent balanced operation of electronic chip and it displays your bike speed!

If you have any enquires please contact me.



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